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North Reef Group
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North Reef Group 1 Fabriek Road Klerkindustria Klerksdorp 2570


Areas of Expertise

•    Stripping  of rock from slime-dams.
•    Top-dam cleaning / in dam cleaning.
•    Construction of storm water-launders / water management.
•    Building of paddocks.
•    Building & Construction of new roads to and via slime-dams.
•    Spillage clean-up.
•    Dust Control.
•    Filling up of shafts.
•    Rehabilitation.
•    Re-profiling and top-soiling on tailings dams.
•    Sampling of waste rock dumps / slime dam.
•    Feasibility studies
•    Transport of material.
•    Transport for mine employees.

•    Site / bush & tree clearance.
•    Demolition
•    Landfill Rehabilitation
•    Canal River Rehabilitations.

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